Vestige: An Urban Fantasy


Vestige is a secondary world urban fantasy setting. While it resembles modern-day Earth, the world’s past is full of epic medieval fantasy battles and quests like in Lord of the Rings. As far as everyone is concerned the age of magic ended two thousand years ago; some believe it may not have happened at all.

But the magic exists in secret. After the end of the previous age, powerful entities—angels, demons, fae, nature spirits, ghosts and parasitical horrors—became trapped in their home dimensions. To influence the mortal world, they grant mortals a vestige of their being. These people act as their patron’s agents in a game of shadows; fought by intrigue and proxy in the shadows.

What’s a ‘vestige’?

In the world, ordinary people can become supernatural by having the ‘vestige’ of another entity grafted to their soul:

  • Cambions. The servants of demons; creatures of vengeance, violence, and passion.
  • Changelings. The retainers of the fae; dream merchants, entertainers, and artefact collectors.
  • Nephilim. The agents of the angels, who act as reality support technicians and keepers of boundaries.
  • Occultists. Mortals who scavenge artefacts in their quest for independent arcane power.
  • Preservers. Monster hunters empowered by dead heroes who protect the weak and innocent from supernatural predators.
  • Revenants. The survivors of the ghost realm, who come back from death as necromancers, memory-devourers and psychopomps.
  • Werebeasts. The champions of the nature spirits, who keep the balance between the wilderness and the civilised world.