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Currently, I’ve got two ongoing series in the Vestiges of Magic universe, and some short stories.

The Revenant Records

How does growing up work when you’re forever seventeen? How do you remain a good person when you’re a soul-eating undead creature? And how do you maintain your independence when you’re mired in supernatural debt—in hock to a ghost lord for your very existence, and bound to your grown-up high school friend who controls whether you live or die?

The Revenant Records is an urban fantasy series focusing on ghost stories, mysteries and dark adventure. It’s the story of Lukie, an undead teenager, trying to balance her responsibilities to help lost ghosts, while maintaining a semblance of a normal life.

Currently, the main published books are 1, 2 and 3. Book 0 and the in-between bonus short stories are either for newsletters subscribers or free on this website. I’ll do a nice collection when I complete the series.

The Cambion Chronicles

Do you enjoy the following? 

Kick-butt heroines? Villains getting their comeuppance? Drama and action?

If so, you’ll dig the Cambion Chronicles. 

Thaena is a centuries old half-demon assassin. She’s got clients desperate for vengeance, souls to send to the Netherworld, and ancient scores to settle. And to make her life even more complicated, she’s responsible for her new, half-demon sister.

These are short stories or serialized in my newsletter and collected for subscribers. I try to write a short in this series, or a serial chapter, each month. When I get enough material together, I’ll publish them officially.

  • The Vengeance Business. Lensa, a battered housewife, accidentally summons a cambion assassin to deal with her abusive husband.
  • No Way Out. Lensa’s husband is back from the dead, and Thaena has to make a deal with Cage, a deadly monster hunter, to help her friend. (Bundled with The Vengeance Business)
  • Rule One. Thaena’s life becomes more complicated when her demon patron appoints a new cambion. Now Thaena has to deal with cultists, and worse, the teenage Vex.
  • Reflection Upon the Anniversary of My Descent. A complete, compiled serial from Vex’s point of view, about how she became a cambion to avenge her boyfriend’s murder, and where things went wrong from there.

These are standalone short stories. When I get enough together, I’ll release a collection. More to come.

  • The Feral Library. Metafictional story that introduces Ivarlis, the newsletter host. Guest starring Thaena.
  • Before Midnight. Two agents for a mysterious government agency investigate a woman who disappeared in a department store elevator. They must save her before midnight…
  • Bells at Winterdark. (Newsletter exclusive.) Art is a nephilim; an angelic servant. And he’s got a new assignment, to restore the holy warrior Ozariel to the angels’ good graces. They’ve got one week to make two mortals fall in love, or Ozariel will never get his wings and holy sword back. But will Art’s love of schmaltzy holiday movies be a help or hindrance on this mission?
  • A Thing for Elves. A young human woman wrestles with her attraction to elves against society’s expectations…

Bonus Material

When I finish a book, I’ll have some bonus material with it. Check out the library here.