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October 2022 Newsletter

The Labyrinthine Library – October 2022

Being the Ongoing Adventures of a Librarian Attempting to Tame a Feral Magical Library

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Greetings, Ethereal Entities! ‘Tis I, Ivarlis the Librarian, with another missive.  

Of late, the Library has been eating technology. (I wish it would devour that dratted dragon, but alas, the brute is still there on its hoard of purloined books.) I haven’t seen my phone for some time after I mistakenly left it at the front desk. The coffee machine is gone, replaced by an ashen scar in the kitchen. And a miniature goldfish in a bowl replaced the advanced microfiche machine (at least the Library has a sense of humor).

I have tried to remonstrate with it. “Listen, please stop eating devices. Perhaps you’re upset that people embraced technology after the Age of Magic ended, but they really had no choice! If we are to get new members, they will want to use their advanced PDAs and radios!”

At that, the Library sent a tremor through the Main Hall, and I’ve spent the entire morning re-shelving toppled books.

Curious at what has been causing the Library’s ill-humor, I explore, as new rooms have a habit of appearing. Sure enough, I locate a new room near the Aspen Corridor, with a sign that says ‘Computer Room’.

How did it get here? Strange things always happen in these multi-dimensional spaces. I open the door. Inside, is a dark, dusty room crammed with junk. A male dwarrow in a flannel shirt sits at a computer, tapping a keyboard. Cups of cold coffee rest within his reach.

“Excuse me?” I asked, one hand on the door. Another tremor rocks my feet. “Who are you, and how did you attach your room to my Library? It’s not thrilled.”

“Vadren Skycastle.” The dwarrow wears cutting edge, mirrored sunglasses. “I’m a reality hacker.” 

I sniff the air. He smells of rigid lines, and straight angles, like a cataloguing system. Ah, he’s a nephilim. He’s made a pact with the angels to put the world in order. Unfortunately, what a bunch of abstract entities consider ‘order’ is rather different within the meat and grit of the physical world.

“For what purpose?”

Mr. Skycastle drinks his coffee. “I’m also a reporter. Writing a series of articles on how to survive your first encounters with the supernatural world. Your Library offers unique distribution and promotional opportunities for my internet journal.”

“You hacked into my magical Library to promote your blog?” I’ve heard of how desperate writers can get, but this is really something.

Mr. Skycastle adjusts his mirrorshades. “It’s a necessary service. The Vestige World is mad and broken. People fall into it by mistake. Look at what happened to Lukie and Vex. I’m going to make it easier for people to cross over by giving them information.”

I notice my phone on a nearby desk. Perhaps it’s not that the Library has been eating devices, only that Mr. Skycastle’s illicit reality hacks have caused everything to congeal in the Computer Room (still, no sign of the coffee machine or microfiche device in here). Feeling peevish, I call Lukie’s number on my phone.

The sound of rock music nearly drowns out my voice.

“Hello, Lukie?”

“It’s me, Ivarlis! The Librarian!”

“Hi!” She must be at a night club.

“Apologies if you’re in the middle of solving a mystery! Listen, do you think reading an introductory blog article about the supernatural would have helped during your adventures?”

“Where would I have had time in Final Night to read a blog? I didn’t even know about the internet!”

I make my farewells and hang up. “See? Our fine protagonist did not need your help. Peddle your articles elsewhere.”

“I’m sure someone will find them useful.” Mr. Skycastle taps frantically at his keyboard at hacker speed.

Sigh. Mr. Skycastle’s entry is on the Blog. Invoke it by clicking on this link. I fear he may write more…

Reflections on the Anniversary of My Descent: Part Four

A stack of scribbled papers arrived in the mail. It is the next chapter of Miss Vex’s ongoing serial. Time to brew a pot of lemongrass tea and see how Miss Vex continues on her quest for vengeance! (I penned a missive to see if she would like to visit us in the Library, but as at the time of writing, have not had a response.)

Vex, trainee vengeance (half) demon, must pass her final exam or die.

Her assignment? Hunt her boyfriend’s surviving murderers.

The problem? Finding them first.

Her quest takes her from the glamor of the Diamond Ward to the city’s dark underbelly. But the truth she uncovers may be more than she can handle…

Download this exciting story today!

Episode #4 [requires newsletter membership; may not work at some point when Vex decides to re-write the manuscript for publication]

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