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    Free story—introduction to my ongoing series

    I’ve written a new introductory story to my Revenant Records urban fantasy series. If you’re interested, you can grab it here, free, with a newsletter signup.

    Do you like:

    • Spooky urban fantasy stories?
    • Things that feel like episodes of Doctor Who?
    • Outsider heroes struggling against all odds?

    Then check out Fiery Night!

    Half-human, rejected by society, Patience spends her days doing hard labor in the Industrial Institution for Deviant Children. Escape is impossible and she daydreams of reuniting with her long lost mother. At night, she’s plagued by uncanny visions of a monstrous woman oozing dark tendrils and a mysterious half-elf screaming warnings of danger.

    Patience fears she’s going mad, but when girls and nuns disappear, no-one seems interested in investigating further. She must overcome her own fears and the cages of the Institute to investigate the missing girls and piece together what’s going on.

    When it seems like she might be forced to disappear altogether, Patience must work out what to believe and uncover the true secret of the Institution…