The Vengeance Business

The Vengeance Business
Series: Vestige World, Shorts, Book 1
Genres: Thriller, Urban Fantasy
Tag: Promotional

When you want vengeance, who do you summon? Thaena Ashmore, half-demon assassin. She's been in the business for centuries.

About the Book

In this devilish collection, Thaena Ashmore, half-demon assassin, seeks to balance her duty to the ancient laws of the Netherworld with the concerns of living in the modern age.

In “The Vengeance Business”, a battered housewife makes a diabolical pact to flee her husband, but is that what she really wants?

In “No Way Out”, one of Thaena’s targets is back from the dead as a living corpse. The only way to stop him is to make a dangerous bargain with a monster slayer–an individual with the power to kill Thaena as easily as the revenant she seeks to destroy.

If you have a taste for villains receiving their comeuppance, or want to explore what lurks in the infernal corners of the Vestige World, then this is the collection for you.

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