Fractured Night

Fractured Night

Kell Shaw returns with a harrowing tale of strained friendship and murder in the Vestiges of Magic universe.

For Lukie, high school ended a few weeks before her death and eventual resurrection. For her best friend Tamlyn, it’s been twenty years of burying his guilt about the secrets destined to tear their friendship apart. Traveling to a run-down hotel, they find themselves caught up in the intrigues of a secret cabal of magicians.

The unsettled issues between the two friends turn deadly when Tamlyn is pulled into the past, and a desperate Lukie races against time in the present to curtail a restless spirit feeding on resentment.

As the hostile specter’s haunting escalates to a campaign of violence and death, these two former friends must come together to piece together the secret they have learned.

Can they set aside twenty years of anger and secrets in order to save lives?

About the Book

Coming late 2024.

Series: The Revenant Records, Book 3
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Urban Fantasy
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