Final Night

Final Night

Recently risen from the grave, Lukie has until dawn to avenge her death. If only she could remember who murdered her. And only if someone else doesn’t kill her again.

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About the Book

High school’s out for the class of 1983. Forever.

The last thing Lukie remembers is the farewell party in her hometown of Breakwater Bay. A final blowout before she went away to university.

But when she wakes up, corpse-cold, confused and weirdly hungry, she finds the sleepy coastal village is now full of strange cars and loud tourists. Her family home is a block of flats and she can’t find her father. Her best friend has aged twenty years in a single night.

The sole fact she knows for sure is that someone hurt her. Someone betrayed her. Someone killed her.

In some dark lonely place, she made a pact with something, and now she’s only got until dawn to find her murderer, or when the sun rises she’ll be dead again. Forever.

* ISBN Ebook: 978-1-922897-00-8
* ISBN Audiobook: 978-1-922897-01-5
* ISBN Paperback: 9781922897022
* ISBN Hardback: 978-1-922897-06-0

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Series: The Revenant Records, Book 1
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9781922897008
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