I’m a business analyst who lives in Sydney, Australia. I’m currently working on the first book of the urban fantasy series ‘the Vestige World Chronicles’. 

I love all forms of science fiction and fantasy, especially tabletop role-playing games. But after years of getting frustrated with sprawling, never-ending fantasy epics, I’m focused on writing an urban fantasy series that combines my love of epic fantasy with the mystery and noir of urban fantasy. While there’ll be the same protagonist from book to book, each one will have a stand-alone mystery or thriller story.

My current work is a stand-alone prequel to the upcoming series. It’s called ‘Final Night’. Freshly risen from the grave, Lukie has twelve hours to avenge her death. If only she could remember who did it. And if the monster hunter chasing her doesn’t kill her first. 

The book will be available for free from my website on 25 October 2021.