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The Feral Library

There are few magical librarians left in our modern world. Not because there’s a shortage of individuals who’d like to care for secret collections and forbidden tomes, but because most of the enchanted libraries that survived the end of the Age of Magic have gone feral.

Latest Release: Feral Night

Return to Kell Shaw’s Vestiges of Magic world in a knife-edge sequel.

Lukie’s father is trapped in the Underworld and it’s all her fault.

Twenty years after her murder, Lukie has returned to life and is ready to go home, but her father isn’t willing to believe his beloved daughter is back from the dead. Before she can reconcile with him, a supernatural predator steals her father’s soul. One that she’s led straight to his door, after foolishly ignoring the signs that something was amiss.

To get her father back, Lukie must uncover the true nature of the ancient horror haunting Thunderhead Ward before a spectral hunt of bestial ghosts is unleashed upon the world.

And she only has until midnight on New Year’s Eve, when the borders between the dead and living lands seal, or her father will be lost forever…

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Fiery Night

A troubled young woman grapples with the boundaries of reality in this gripping, standalone story set in Kell Shaw’s Vestiges of Magic universe.

Half-human, rejected by society, Patience spends her days doing hard labor in the Industrial Institution for Deviant Children. Escape is impossible and she daydreams of reuniting with her long lost mother. At night, she’s plagued by uncanny visions of a monstrous woman oozing dark tendrils and a mysterious half-elf screaming warnings of danger.

Patience fears she’s going mad, but when girls and nuns disappear, no-one seems interested in investigating further. She must overcome her own fears and the cages of the Institute to investigate the missing girls and piece together what’s going on.

When it seems like she might be forced to disappear altogether, Patience must work out what to believe and uncover the true secret of the Institution

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