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The Vengeance Business

When you want vengeance, who do you summon?
Thaena Ashmore, half-demon assassin.
She’s been in the business for centuries.

In this devilish collection, Thaena Ashmore seeks to balance her duty to the ancient laws of the Netherworld with the concerns of living in the modern age.

In “The Vengeance Business”, a battered housewife makes a diabolical pact to flee her husband, but is that what she really wants?

In “No Way Out”, one of Thaena’s targets is back from the dead as a living corpse. The only way to stop him is to make a dangerous bargain with a monster slayer–an individual with the power to kill Thaena as easily as the revenant she seeks to destroy.

If you have a taste for villains receiving their just desserts, or want to explore what lurks in the infernal corners of the Vestige World, then this is the collection for you.

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Rule One

Rival demons and cultists? No problem.

New sister? A whole world of trouble.

An occult thriller short story set in the Vestige World.

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